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On a Deeper Level . . . We want you to join because we hope for deep shared work with as many as possible. We also appreciate assistance helping others. We have seen people with compassion fatigue refreshed, toxic conflict consistently flipped from damaging to developing relationships, and failures of the broken hearted turn to deeper healing. We can imagine a return to innocence for God's people that inspires God to reveal himself along with his wisdom. We see him re-energizing wounded warriors to re-enter the fight. We can imagine turning over 100 combined years of sacrificial, systematic, and deliberate consulting for churches into tools, break through insight, and life changing lessons that make an eternal difference for good. Experiencing these convince us we can, by God's grace, make the needed difference to draw people to ministry, to keep them in ministry, and to drastically expand the range of God's influence in the world. We can imagine the kind of connection with brothers and sisters, neighbors, and even enemies through which God gives fresh wisdom for escaping old problems. We see emerging new challenges for which we have not prepared - but are quite ready to face because God sees what we can't and he prepares us for times we could not have predicted. We have seen God's work, we have experienced his love, and we believe his call involves some of you. God will bring together the people he chooses to reveal himself to in the uncertain days ahead. We hope that means we will have a shared walk. Of this we are certain, God can do what we cannot. And, he will do it. He will continue to call forth people to walk as he walks through and for the sake of a dark and dangerous world.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

(Matthew 5:8)

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