Giving to Pure Heart Vision Your gifts to Pure Heart Vision help expand ministry to more and more people with deeper and deeper impact. Your gifts build our dedication to help churches mature as partners in God's mission. We accomplish that mission by providing the type of resources in our Resource section of this web site. Thank you for any consideration you give to helping us minister. 

Gifts to Pure Heart Vision, 501(c)(3), are charitable contributions with resulting tax benefits.  The amount of the benefit depends on the kind of gift.  A well-planned gift can combine financial and charitable objectives by helping realize personal goals and by providing tax benefits.

Credit Card

Would you like to donate money for the Dale Manor videos with your credit card? If so, click on the link below!


Cash gifts can provide Pure Heart Vision with funds for current use and can result in immediate tax savings.  If you'd like to give a cash donation, please click on the Donate Online Link on the right or view and print our mail form byclicking here.

Personal Property
Gifts of tangible personal property such as computer equipment or books related to Pure Heart Visions exempt purposes are fully tax-deductible at fair market value.

Real Estate

Real estate can provide an immediate gift, fund a trust, or even arrange for lifetime occupancy after making the gift.


A bequest in your will can be an effective way of giving while reducing the taxable portion of your estate for federal tax purposes.

Life Income Gifts

You can make a substantial gift to Pure Heart Vision while obtaining income, estate, and gift tax benefits and providing an income for your spouse or other family members.  In general, cash or other assets are transferred to a trustee who administers the fund.  After the death of the last beneficiary, the trust is terminated and the principal transferred to Pure Heart Vision.  An investment to benefit you and Pure Heart Vision may be made through a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.  A Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust is another option.

Life insurance can benefit Pure Heart Vision at a relatively low cost to the donor.  To qualify, Pure Heart Vision must be the owner and beneficiary.  If the policy is paid up, your charitable contribution is the cash value of the policy.  Premiums paid on a gifted insurance policy also qualify for deductions.

Further Information
A member of the Pure Heart Vision team is available to answer your questions regarding gift options and Pure Heart Vision's gift acceptance policies.  For specific recommendations, you should consult your own qualified professional adviser.
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