What I enjoy about being an intern for Pure Heart Vision

Tiffany Perez (PHVI 2010-2013)

   My name is Tiffany Perez. I am a junior at Harding University majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Spanish. I plan to become a speech therapist. I am blessed with a fun and loving family. My mom, Nancy, was born in Illinois and my Dad, Paco, was born in Cuba, which is a fun mixture. They met in Miami, the place where I have lived my whole life until leaving for college. I have an older sister, Heather, who married Max Lopez and has a baby on the way! I also have an older brother named Tim who, with the help of my dad, taught me how to hunt and fish. In my spare time, I like to watch movies, hike, read, and, when I’m home, go to the beach. I love to be with people! Harding was the perfect place for me to attend because I have met great friends of all varieties here.

     I have been an intern at Pure Heart Vision for two years and counting. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my college career. I am presented with opportunities to learn from the wisdom of strong Christians, watch churches being blessed by a ministry made specifically for them, and gain experience in an office setting. The day-to-day office environment is comfortable and loving. We have a good time while we get to know each other and happily welcome newcomers into the family. When we are involved with trips to churches or the Harding lectureship we are able to gain an insight on church family and growth that is important for me as I look to continue to grow as a more useful part of Christ’s church.


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